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National Parks of Northern Croatia


Cycling Tour (individual) Mountains and National Parks of Northern Croatia with Luggage Service - 8 days/7 nights, 239 mi./380 km by bicycle


This tour is part of our newly developed individual tours program and an ideal supplement to our boat and bike tours. Alone, in couples or in a group of your choice, you can go for one week on a tour traveling between selected hotels. Your luggage is transported for you, and yourself cycles at your own speed, following especially prepared instructions and supported by a GPS device. The tour presented here is probably not what first comes to mind when you think of this multifaceted and interesting country. We take you to the mid-range and high mountain regions of the Croatian hinterland. Only 20 km away from the more or less developed tourist areas of the coast, you enter a rough region of deep forests and stone deserts, where the Bora wind has had a strong impact and where the snow is meters deep in winter. En route, you cycle through three national parks, where bear, wolf and lynx can still be encountered in the wild. The variety and beauty of nature will constantly surprise you, and the fabulous vistas across the Croatian islands will stay with you for a long time. The highlight of the tour are the Plitvicer Lakes and their spectacular waterfalls, which are known far beyond Croatia’s borders. The tour described here leads mainly along asphalted roads. Some forest tracks, however, make the use of a MTB worthwhile.


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