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Black mountains, blue sea, spectacular nature

The meaning of Montenegro is “Black Mountains”. The country does indeed impress with its high mountains rising up steeply from the sea which lie like a coat collar around the unmistakable bay of Kotor. The deep fjord-like bay has made Montenegro famous worldwide – a scenic symphony of rugged cliffs with historic towns clinging to its foothills which in turn harmonize perfectly with the glittering green-blue sea. A gem of the Adriatic!

However, for a traveler to reduce Montenegro only to this bay would truly be in neglect of the other spectacular regions Montenegro has to offer with this small Balkan state having a number of other must-see sights. Just one example is the natural Skradar Lake at the border of Albania, a national park and bird sanctuary which is an almost undiscovered natural wonder. The former capital Cetinje, with its eventful history, is also worth a detour.

Anyone who embarks on a bike tour through Montenegro will become a true cycling champion. In the mostly mountainous landscape you really have to pedal hard to get from place to place – or temporarily become an E-biker. The spectacular panoramas and picturesque villages to be discovered again and again compensate hundredfold for the effort you make.

A hotel & bike tour through Montenegro makes cyclists’ hearts beat faster!

Bike tours

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hotel & bike trip Montenegro

hotel & bike trip Montenegro