Krk'n'Roll 2020. MTB Marathon


Every year most participants of the Husqvarna Adria Bike series also take part in the Krk’n’Roll: the ultimate end-of-season recreational bike race.

Not only is the date of the race ideal being at the end of the summer, making the weather somewhat cooler, perfect for mountain biking, but the island itself is an absolute favourite. Thanks to the bridge which connects it to the mainland, Krk is one of the most easily accessible islands in northern Croatia.

Krk’n’Roll is synonymous with high energy and a good atmosphere. No matter how the race ends, once over you can share a Prosecco and some šurlice, the famous lamb cheese of the region, and a variety of other Krk Island delicacies with your biking buddies. Trust us when we say, Krk has a lot to offer!

But before you can enjoy the reward, you have to put in the work! For some it will be 30km, for others 60km and for a really hardcore, 75km. It won’t be easy, but it definitely won’t be impossible. And it will pay off in the end, it always does. It will be intense, it will be loud. It will be Krk’n’Roll.

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