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Bike events

Adrenalin, sweat & a high-dose of competition

As spring draws near the biker spirit grows restless. It’s that time of the year again: the bike season and the bike events begin! A starting shot breaks the silence and marks the beginning of the annual MTB races in the Mediterranean.

Those who wear the participant jersey of the previous year know what to prepare for: extremely diverse terrain and grueling summit climbs. The descent takes riders through pine forests and century old villages before hitting the scree and stone of the technically demanding trails back down to the sea. Those who are motivated by a mixture of epic trails, pain and pride, adrenalin and sweat, partnerships and rivalries should consider signing up for a race of this nature at least once in their lifetime!

The 4 Islands MTB Stage Race in Croatia in considered one of the toughest and most fascinating cross-country races in Europe. Other interesting, multi-day challenges include the Terra Magica bike marathon in Rabac and the Kamenjak Rocky Trails event in Pula.

On your mark, get set, GO! Croatia awaits you with some very exciting bike events!

4 Islands MTB Stage Race in Croatia - Cycle Croatia

4 islands mtb stage race

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