Rab Island Hero 2020. MTB Marathon

12th September 2020

Rab Island Hero: A spectacular MTB Marathon in Croatia between desert and wilderness

Are you an ambitious mountain biker? Have you ever taken part in a race on an island barely 100km² in size? If not, then it is high time to give it a go this year. The Rab Island Hero Race will lead you through varied landscapes of rock, sand, mud, forest and sea, with the sun on your back and, of course, you and your bike. This is a tour around the world in 60km. Red, white, green and blue. The scent of the sea, pine and immortelle. Your senses will be just as busy as your legs as you ride up and down the rolling hills. You will pass beaches and ride through Kamenjak, Dundo and Premužić.

You will explore the island like a modern Robison. But you won’t be completely alone. It will be you and your bike. Just the two of you. You two against the world. Against the other competitors, against nature and even against yourself. But you can do it! Because you’re already a hero, you only have to prove it to yourself.

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