Culinary bike tour through Kaštelir


Istria is not only a biker’s paradise but also a region of great culinary diversity. So, if you would like to train your sense of taste as well as your legs on your active holiday in Istria, then we have some must-know insider tips for you! Lean back, enjoy and dream away!

Kaštelir – The most bike-friendly village in Istria
Authentic – The Cossetto Winery in Kaštelir
Unimaginable – Kaštelir without the “Istrian droplet”
Buzzzz – Kaštelir’s busy bees
Count’s Drinks – the Balkan’s first ginger beer


Kaštelir – The most bike-friendly village in Istria

In the small village of Kaštelir, just a few kilometers north of Poreč, you will find the whole selection of Istrian delicacies. Follow the famous Parenenza bike and hiking trail from Poreč up to Trieste and make a delicious stopover in Kaštelir.

The municipality of Kaštelir recently invested in two new cycle paths which complement the biker’s home-away-from-home that is Kaštelir. This quaint village has several bike-friendly accommodations brimming with charm such as House Malia and Dvor Strica Grige. And for those who like it very luxurious, Villa Vial is the perfect place to stay.

Our Bike Centre Kaštelir-Labinci, located in the village of Kaštelir, has been active since 2019. Whether you would like to hire a bike or have your own serviced, or are interested in taking a guided day tour through Istria by bike, you are sure to find what you need at the Bike Centre Kaštelir-Labinci.

Anyone who rides an e-bike knows that shudder of dread when the battery is on its last bar. In Kaštelir, you can let out a sigh of relief as the Kaštelir’s church square is equipped with a permanent e-bike charging station. Leave your bike to power up, take a walk through the village and recharge your own batteries with the many culinary delights on offer.

Trust us when we say that there is plenty to taste and discover in Kaštelir!


Authentic – The Cossetto Winery in Kaštelir

What would a holiday in Istria be without having tasted the delicious Istrian wine and olive oil? There is no better time to treat yourself than after a full day of cycling through the diverse and beautiful Istrian countryside. And the perfect place to do so is at the large, family-run Cossetto winery in Kaštelir. This traditional family business has its own tasting rooms directly in the wine cellar, where you can enjoy the fine wines in style in the warm, authentic atmosphere. The best way to fully enjoy this wine-tasting is with some local ham, cheese and olive oil. Whether you’d prefer to try a traditional Malvasia or a sweet Muscat – the decision is entirely up to you. Have fun and enjoy!

Address: Roškići 10, 52464, Kaštelir
Phone: +385 98 366 464
Web: Cossetta vina


Unimaginable – Kaštelir without the “Istrian droplet”

Tradition and care in production are two markers of a quality product. This is exactly what you will find at “Istarska Kapljica” (the Istrian droplet), a local distillery with a history in producing spirits that spans generations. This jewel of Kaštelir is sure to become a favourite of any spirit enthusiast. Whether your preference be hints of blueberries, walnuts, honey, or other delicious ingredients, there is something to fit everyone’s taste!

Address: Cerjani 1, 52464 Kaštelir
Phone: +385 91 445 50 54
Web: Istarska Kapljica


Buzzzz – Kaštelir’s busy bees

As you cycle through Kaštelir admiring the beautiful olive groves and vineyards, you are sure to spot the occasional, colourfully painted beehives. Thanks to a number of active beekeepers who lovingly care for their colonies, it is still possible to buy honey in Kaštelir that hasn’t been industrially produced.

A visit to our local beekeepers is always worthwhile:

Franko Ventin, Kaštelir 13, Kaštelir (Phone 00385 52 455 206)

Albino Legović, Mekiši 2, Kaštelir (Phone: 00385 52 455 401)

Count’s Drinks – the Balkan’s first ginger beer

Kaštelir is the first place in the Balkans to produce homemade craft ginger beer. The small brewery, Count’s Drinks, was founded by a young couple who started making this ginger beer to relieve heartburn during pregnancy. The success of their product later gave rise to the idea of producing this delicious drink for other connoisseurs to enjoy as well. Count’s Drinks found a gap in the market and created a drink that is definitely worth a tasting.

Address: Kaštelir 64, 52464 Kaštelir-Labinci
Phone: +385 (0) 98 648 964
Web: Count’s Drinks



Is your mouth watering already? Then why not start planning your next cycling holiday in Istria right away, and come and visit us in Kaštelir!