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Croatian Bucket list

Let yourself be mesmerized by Croatia, one of the most beautiful countries in the world! With its countless worth-seeing spots, you are spoilt of choice what to see first.

In order to help you a little bit to make your decision, we made a list of the most attractive sights for you:

Plitvice National Park - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

Plitvice lakes

A national park of superlatives: not only the largest in Croatia and the oldest in Southeast Europe, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is also one of the most beautiful in the world. A total of sixteen lakes, numerous small streams, roaring waterfalls, turquoise water, breathtaking views and true natural beauty embedded in lush green forests – this is the Plitvice Lakes. Therefore it is not without reason that this national park has been a UNSECO cultural heritage site since 1979 and considered one of the top attractions of Croatia.

Dubrovnik - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

The Old Town of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, offers within its ancient stone walls a unique weave of typical Mediterranean style and unique mystical atmosphere. A stroll through the city takes you on a historical journey through time. Romantic narrow streets, fascinating historical monuments, and beautiful, small churches. A mixture from a myriad of smells wafting from the countless small bistros and white sheets strung up between the houses; slowly drying and blowing in the wind. Dubrovnik has to be experienced.

walls of Ston - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

Walls of Ston

Also known as the “European Great Wall of China”, the Wall of Ston is the second longest defensive wall in the world. Built for strategic reasons and to protect the precious salt mines, used to extract salt, in the 14th century by the ancient Republic of Dubrovnik, this ingenious fortification system is still fascinating today.

Split - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

Diocletian’s Palace, Split

Diocletian’s Palace – one of the best preserved monuments of Roman architecture in the world and THE main attraction of Split! And if the impressive palace of the former Roman Emperor Diocletian as well as the cultural highlights during the day are not enough, Split’s nightlife in spring and summer also offers countless open-air concerts, festivals, bars and restaurants.

Krka waterfalls - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

Krka waterfalls

It’s a magical place! Thundering waterfalls and deep gorges with a river that makes its way through a 200m deep karst gorge. The Krka National Park with its picturesque flora and fauna is world famous. Whether the old fortress ruins on the river bank, tranquil monastery islands or the seven large waterfalls reaching up to a height of 46 meters – there are photo opportunities without end.

Zadar - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

Promenade of Zadar: Sea Organ and Sun Salutation

Discover the unique on the promenade of Zadar: here you can admire two artistic creations that use the power of nature to create beautiful sounds and a fascinating show of colour. With the whistling sea organ and the colourful sun salute, an installation of 300 solar cells at the tip of the peninsula, dusk becomes a true experience. According to Alfred Hitchcock, this is the place with the most beautiful sunset in the world – see for yourself.

Golden horn on Brac - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

Dream beach Golden Horn in Bol

Located on the island of Brač, the Golden Horn is considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. The tip of the Golden Horn changes according to the wind and the current of the sea; its bright, round pebbles stretching a few hundred metres out into the sea – a true spectacle of nature. Not only a paradise for bathing mermaids, but also a top spot for every surfer!

Korcula old town - Cycle Croatia

The Old Town of Korčula

Travel to Korčula and follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo, who was born in this charming old town; surrounded by walls. The special feature: the village and its narrow alleys are arranged in a herringbone pattern allowing free air exchange while also protects against strong winds.

Opatija - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia


Time travel, romance and pure relaxation – that is Opatija. The charming Viennese-style city on the Istrian peninsula in the northern Adriatic Sea will make the heart of a connoisseur beat faster. Once a winter health resort of the Danube Monarchy, the city still exudes its unique charm and invites you to relax and unwind. The beautiful 12 km long promenade is perfect for romantic walks in the evening and a coffee break in one of the many cafés overlooking the sea.

Rovinj - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia


Located on the west coast of Istria, Rovinj is one of the most picturesque and romantic towns on the Adriatic. The past influence of Italian culture can still be seen and felt on every corner. The town was built on an island and only connected to the mainland in the 18th century. The surrounding 22 islands and islets as well as the pleasant Mediterranean climate are sure to delight you.

Blue cave Bisevo - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

The island of Vis

Lonely small bays, breath-taking natural landscapes and fantastic views of the turquoise blue sea – all this and much more is waiting for you on the island of Vis! The rather unknown Croatian island, off the coast of Dalmatia, captivates with its extraordinary beauty, special atmosphere and crystal clear water. The beauty of this island has not escaped Hollywood and was, in 2018, used as the shooting location for the second “Mamma Mia” film.

Istrian wine road - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

Istrian Wine Routes and Family Restaurants

Istria is famous for its wine variety and gastronomy. In every village, there are family run restaurants and traditional Konobas with locally produced food and wine. Get to know the variety of tastes of Croatian delicacies, which are unique and unmistakable in region and colour. There could hardly be a more personal way to experience this fresh cuisine. Istria – the perfect gourmet destination.

Zagreb - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

Zagreb – The Capital of Croatia

Zagreb is not only the capital and largest city of Croatia but also a city full of diversity, contrasts and fascination. Experience culture with over 20 theatres and numerous museums, the legendary Hotel Regent Espalande or the Cibona Tower – the city has something for everyone. In spring Zagreb blossoms in fresh green and resembles a single, expansive park. In winter Zagreb amazes with arguably the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe!

Sibenik - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia


Šibenik’s townscape is characterized by three mighty fortifications surrounding the old town and the famous UNESCO-protected cathedral Sveti Jakov. Once built as a protective wall, due to the city being a bone of contention between Venice and the Turks for centuries thanks to its convenient location, the high wall today offers breathtaking views over the entire Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia.

Hvar - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia


Known as the Croatian Ibiza, the island of Hvar lies off the Dalmatian coast and is the longest of the Croatian islands. If the island, with its secluded, dream-like beaches and crystal clear waters, offers recovery for vacation seekers; the port is world-famous for the best parties and restaurants. If you want to see and be seen you have to go to Hvar!

Hum - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia


Croatia, the land of superlatives: here you can also find the smallest city in the world. Only 30 people live in Hum. This mini-city in Istria, with its medieval townscape and the old streets paved with stone, is an absolute insider tip.

Kopacki rit - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

Kopački rit

Between the rivers Dunav and Drau in the east of Croatia there is a real paradise for birdwatchers: The nature reserve Kopački rit is one of the largest and most important preserved marshlands in Europe and extends over the three countries of Hungary, Serbia and Croatia.

Kornati National Park - Croatian Bucket List - Cycle Croatia

Kornati islands national park

The Kornati National Park, south of the island of Dugi Otok, is a paradise on earth: An archipelago of 89 small islands lies like pearls in the deep blue sea with a fascinating species-rich fauna and flora, especially below the water’s surface. A must for sailing fans, nature lovers and every Robinson Crusoe.